Surprising Places to Find Love

Surprising Places to Find Love

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Where you’re not looking for a mate, but should be! How to find the one you’re meant to be with…

You can count on finding an Aries at a car show, find a Leo at a poker parlor, a Virgo or an Aquarius at the farmer’s market, and a Libra at a jewelry shop. There are other haunts, though, that are just as true to the Sun Sign if you’re looking for a mate. Here are some of the more “secret” spots to meet a partner.

Aries: Try the livestock barns at the county fair. Slow-paced and smelly, maybe, but Aries the Ram has a soft spot for small, fuzzy animals like sheep and goats. Or, on a hike, Aries will be the one who is bushwhacking and can’t stay on the path. Don’t try to keep up. Let Aries come to you.

Taurus: A Taurus might just prowl the ballrooms of an orchid show, or the tables at an orchid nursery. Orchids need everything that a Taurus understands – stability, security, and a solid, steady environment. And, they’re beautiful. Don’t be shocked to find a Taurus at

Are you blocking love

Are you blocking love

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How to let love into your life, and have a relationship that can last and get better over time!

In case you haven’t noticed, the law of karma is alive and kicking – sometimes in your face. I am frequently asked, “Am I in some kind of love-blocking cycle in my relationships?”

Here are a few of the more common obstacles to a satisfying romantic connection:

Attachment to Outcomes:
Searching for a hero or falling in love with the idea of someone, rather than the real person, causes us to become attached to certain outcomes. Much pain and suffering occurs when reality doesn’t fit our fantasy. When things don’t turn out as we had expected, disappointment is the result. Expectations are the mother of all disappointments. Disappointment means we had expectations, and, if you think about it, aren’t preconceived expectations manipulative? Attachment to specific outcomes leads to attempts to control, and attempts to control alienates partners. Relax and take things as they come. Don’t hold on to preconceived notions or cling to a partner’s “potential.”

Unrealistic Expectations:
Trying to fit a

Avoid These Love Traps

Avoid These Love Traps

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Blind spots exist in relationships – are you missing a dangerous one in yours?

It is always easier to notice other people’s blind spots, but when it comes to our own we need some help. We may coast along for a time, perhaps years, thinking that our relationship is going great, when suddenly our lover walks out on us, or decides to tell it like it is. We are shocked to the core and left wondering what we could have done to make things better.

Astrology and knowledge of our charts is a wonderful tool for helping to find and work on our blind spots. We need to become aware of those areas in which we were all too blissfully unaware. It also helps to uncover the blind spots in the relationship itself.

The natal chart gives us an easy way to find out what our shadow side looks like. It helps to turn the chart upside down so that the Descendent becomes the Ascendant and vice versa. So if someone has a Cancer Ascendant they will have Capricorn on the Descendant. Reversing the chart means they now

4 Tricks to Ease Pain

4 Tricks to Ease Pain

Spiritual remedies you can use to help heal your physical ailments.

In ancient times, there were not only illnesses caused by something going wrong with the body. People also often had spiritual afflictions, which had effective treatment courses all of their own.

Even after modern science brought us Western medicine, we are still integrating spiritual healing, with many hospitals having a spiritual care department filled with trained chaplains to administer rites, prayers, and religious counseling.

If your heart or soul is “hurting” from what you feel is a physical, but possibly a spiritual, affliction, it is important to continue to receive medical care from qualified professionals, of course. A spiritual dilemma, for example, that causes you to be sad for months at a time may be an indicator of clinical depression. However, there are many spiritual remedies that can be applied to most situations, and can provide a quick pick-me-up if nothing else seems to do the trick.


Prayer and meditation can be your first line of defense against whatever ails you. You can pray to be relieved of whatever you wish, or simply make prayers of gratitude part of your daily life so that you begin to take note

Star Power Your Accessories

Star Power Your Accessories

Take your style to the next level with celebrity-smart wardrobe accents for your Zodiac Sign.

Ready to reveal your inner dazzling diva? Take a hint from a chic celebrity who shares your sign and discover her favorite style accessories, from jewelry to scarves to must-have bags.

Aries: Claire Danes seems to look more gorgeous every year. Focused on her career, Claire makes time to look special with little extras. Get Claire’s beautify-with-a-belt trick. Enhance an hourglass figure. Try a dark hued blazer with a colorful belt, and make sure the blazer flares below it. You’re instantly slimmer!

Taurus: Driven to achieve and resolute with her goals, Carmen Electra shows off her Taurus style spirit with exquisite taste in jewelry. Bracelets are in her top favorites, showing off her slender wrists and beautiful hands. Treat yourself to a bracelet with small gems, woven together with a chain, or a charm bracelet that you can add to over the years to remember your favorite occasions.

Gemini: Bare it with Brooke Shields: a low-cut neckline with a simple pearl choker or a slender gold chain will make you shine this season. The key is in simplicity; choose one simple pendant or string of

Does the Moon make you crazy

Does the Moon make you crazy

Foods you can eat to help ease the Full Moon’s potentially negative effects.

As the Moon’s shape shifts from a slim crescent to a full orb, its influence upon our bodies can be felt in ways ranging from pleasant to painful. Below, learn what kinds of foods you can use to make the Full Moon’s effects less noticeable on your body and in your mind.

Let Go of Sleepless Nights

If you are prone to insomnia, a Full Moon can exacerbate your symptoms. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to spend the night tossing, turning, and punching your pillow as you attempt to get a good night’s sleep!

Try these food tips to help lure yourself to sleep:

1. About a week before the Moon achieves its fullest shape, begin cutting back on your caffeine. You might try drinking half-caffeinated and half-decaf coffee, for example, and substitute caffeine-free soda for regular. Better yet, just drink water!
2. Enjoy foods high in tryptophan, such as turkey and dairy products.
3. Keep your bedtime snack on the lighter side, such as a graham cracker spread with a teaspoon of cream cheese and a cup of decaf, herbal tea.

Ease That Anxiety

The looming Moon

Dress to Improve Your Mood

Dress to Improve Your Mood

Color yourself happy by understanding the power of your changing aura’s radiating hues…

Want an emotional boost? Match your mood to the color you are naturally drawn to, or change your color choice to transform your day! Here’s the ever-so-chic scoop.

You say you’re feeling blue? That isn’t necessarily a bad omen. Blue is known as the color of peace, a choice to soothe the soul. Relax, look up at the blue of the sky or out at the deep blue of the ocean, and take a deep breath. If you have a big day at the office, add an accessory in a bright hue, such as a deep red scarf or tie, to add power to that peaceful blue suit.

Radiant red can make you turn heads, feel energized, and take charge even when you’re experiencing a lack of self-confidence. The trick to wearing red when your aura is dark is to focus on developing faith in yourself and believing in your own power. If you rarely wear this bold shade but want to empower yourself, try starting small with red shoes or a burgundy jacket rather than an entire outfit.

Feel closer to nature and

If you work for a Cancer bossyou need to read this Cancer

If you work for a Cancer bossyou need to read this Cancer

If you work for a Cancer bossyou need to read thisCancer natives tend to be very successful at their professions. If you’re working for one boss, you better be a great worker and a communicator! Here’s why:

• Very timid, talking to a Cancer boss might sometimes be like consulting an oracle.
Never call them out on their mistakes, even if you know they are guilty. Cancer is the most sensitive sign and their feelings get hurt easily.
• If your Cancer boss needs to work from home a lot, don’t hold it against them. This sign needs the comfort of their nest to be able to work at their best.
• A Cancer boss is nice and generous, but never make the mistake of lying to them. They are psychic and will see right through you.
• Whenever they seem moody, it’s better to give them space, trust me! Wait for a better time to talk about important subjects, especially if you’re asking for a raise!

Crabspark romance with these aphrodisiacsCancer natives are hopeless romantics

Crabspark romance with these aphrodisiacsCancer natives are hopeless romantics

Crabspark romance with these aphrodisiacsCancer natives are hopeless romantics, but we are also very sexual. We like getting it on, almost as much our watery pals Scorpios. But we also love to cook, and we do it better than them! Next time you have someone over for dinner and a steamy night, consider the following:

Oysters (only get them when fresh)
Chili Peppers
Pine nuts
Pumpkin seeds


Booze: Damiana liquor

Dontdate these signsScorpioSexy and intense

Dontdate these signsScorpioSexy and intense

Dontdate these signsScorpioSexy and intense, not everybody can handle Scorpio’s allure. The problem is that everybody wants us. While we can’t blame them for that, we can stay away from love interests that will only waste our time.

Get involved with these signs if you want to suffer the following:

Libras – They are hot, artsy and popular. The big “but” with them is they are way too unstable and aloof for us. We know what we want; they take forever to make one simple decision. We are just way too different.

Leos – Picture a constant power struggle. Leo and Scorpio are both dramatic and possessive, but Leos require way too much attention, plus the constant parade of bling-bling friends is way too shallow for someone as spiritual as we are.

Geminis speak a different language when it comes to love. Did I say speaking? It’s non-stop! Plus, they are too flirty and are well-known cheaters, something Scorpio will not tolerate. Probably our worst match!

These are the big themes for Virgo this winterIt’s officially winter

These are the big themes for Virgo this winterIt’s officially winter

These are the big themes for Virgo this winterIt’s officially winter, and there’s so much I want to share with you about the upcoming season!

Late December: The end of 2015 is extremely social. Go out now, you can rest later (and, yes, you will need to, hopefully with a special Pisces or Cancer friend – or more)!

January: It’s a private, introspective month. You are taking stock of your life and are in deep touch with your emotions. Don’t put yourself in any high profile situations if you can avoid them, especially if an Aries is involved.

February: You feel sassy, but make sure others know when you’re serious and when you’re goofing around or you can cause some drama. Leos are especially sensitive around you.

Early March: March is full of ups and downs. Don’t let your moods get the best of you, especially around cranky Scorpios.

Turn him on

Turn him on

Randy Rat
Needs: Reassurance
Hates: Being alone
Turn-ons: Youth, innocence
Turn-offs: Detached partners
An energetic, happy aura in a female is irresistible to the Rat male who is attracted to a sisterly type; an accomplice, best friend – a woman who is playful yet intelligent enough to engage him in intelligent conversation. This man is very talkative during lovemaking and would like his partner to be expressive as well.

Oral Ox
Needs: Respect, security
Hates: Noncompliance, insubordination
Turn-ons: Nature, simplicity, sincerity
Turn-offs: Braggarts, loudmouths
Ox men search for a bit of an “old fashioned girl.” Natural, sincere, and reverent of home, hearth, and family tradition, the Ox man is looking for a wholesome, clean-scrubbed girl-next-door type he can bring home to mom. Simple and sweet ladies who know how to cook and sew turn him on.

Titillating Tiger
Needs: Adventure, passion
Hates: Routine, ingratitude
Turn-ons: Full body massage
Turn-offs: Boredom, cowardice
Conquering is the game and conquest is the name of the Tiger man’s sexuality. Impetuous and impassioned, Tigers need passion and new triumphs. They thrive on risk and prefer challenging, if not downright difficult, partners.

Receptive Rabbit
Needs: Serenity, privacy
Hates: Unpleasantness, entrapment
Turn-ons: Romantic dinners, slow seduction
Turn-offs: Loud,

Tired of waiting for love

Tired of waiting for love

Why timing is everything when it comes to meeting your ideal mate.

Have you been waiting for love, and waiting… and waiting? Does it seem like he or she is not out there and that you could just go on waiting for the rest of your life? Timing can be very problematic when it comes to meeting a person you are compatible with. Your birth charts could be perfectly aligned, but unless you’re both ready for it, love may never unfold.

When someone talks about timing being everything, what do they really mean? Timing refers to life circumstances being in alignment in such a way that a potential mate is in a position to truly commit to a relationship. They are ready to give and receive love. The stars are aligned and two people have been given the green light for chemistry, romance, and the possibility of love. When both individuals are not of the same mindset and their focus is on everything but being in a personal relationship then the timing is not right.

Timing is not the only ingredient that makes a relationship viable, but it is an essential ingredient. Just think about this scenario – when

Advice for Star Crossed Lovers

Advice for Star Crossed Lovers

In love with a mismatch? Your fate may not be sealed. How to increase your odds of happily ever after…

“Astrologically incompatible” sounds like a fatal diagnosis for a relationship. “How many months does our partnership have left to live?” one might ask. If you’ve found out that your celestial compatibility is less than stellar, you aren’t necessarily cursed to a relationship that is doomed to end soon and explosively.

However, you may have to try harder than the average couple to make it work. Take heart, and don’t set an expiration date for your love just yet. Here are three tips you can use to try to be a successful couple despite your odds.

1. Turn your weaknesses into strengths as a couple.
Dig more deeply to find out exactly why the two of you aren’t necessarily compatible on paper. For example, are you two Fire Signs who tend to butt heads? Leave that passion in the bedroom where it belongs! Enjoy your fire when it leads to steamy sex and take a time-out when it’s heading toward angry quarrels. If you’re two Water Signs whose arguments result in teary meltdowns, learn to channel your emotions into heartfelt

Soul Mate Dreams fate or fantasy

Soul Mate Dreams fate or fantasy

Is the “true love” you dream about your meant-to-be mate, or just a dream lover?

You wake with a smile on your face after a wonderful dream in which you were being kissed, caressed, and held close by someone very special. The feeling of love, warmth, and complete acceptance is overwhelming. You want to stay there forever, but the light of the day intrudes and the dream vanishes. The memory lingers on, though, and may come back to haunt you over the weeks and months ahead.

Soul mate dreams come in all shapes and sizes. They are the kind of dreams we all remember, and they seem to hint at relationships we would all like to experience. They suggest a meeting of mind, heart, soul, and body – a joyous communion on all levels.

There are those who have dreamt of the person they are going to marry. They may dream of this person more than once, in such a way that the face becomes etched in their memory. Some have even gone looking for that person only to return empty handed and frustrated, while others are blissfully successful.

The one for you may be dreaming of and seeking you

Why Your Type Is So Desirable

Why Your Type Is So Desirable

What do Mars and Saturn tell you about the men you are most attracted to?

Why do you get so hot for some guys, and run so cold for others? Is it his smell? His looks? His money or his manners? Maybe, but it may also come down to how Mars and Saturn fit into his natal chart.

Mars in Aries: He is spontaneous, raw, impulsive – a bit like a caveman. They don’t think – he takes action on the spur of the moment and usually has no regrets.

Saturn in Aries: Who is the man behind the mask? They overcompensate by appearing confident when they are not. Believe in them and he will love you forever.

Mars in Taurus: He understands the art and craft of love and how to stay just out reach until you are begging him to take you in his arms. Once you are his it will be hard to escape.

Saturn in Taurus: He has to work harder than most to create security. But once he gets it he will love to spoil you rotten. Don’t comment on his ‘iffy’ clothes; compliment his amazing business sense.

Mars in Gemini: Can you keep up with all

Your 1 Love Need

Your 1 Love Need

Make your relationship the best it can be with these love-enhancing tips by Zodiac Sign!

Deep down inside, we all know the number one thing that makes us feel fulfilled, satisfied, and most deeply loved. No one has to tell you, although you sometimes might get scattered and momentarily overlook what matters most. Check the list below and consider your current, long-term, or future dream lover. What is his or her number one love need?

May you enjoy the most perfect match, and skip the frustration of chasing after or being chased by a heartthrob who’s out of sync or insensitive to your number one love need.

Aries: You need your lover to be up-front with you, and you don’t like to be kept waiting. Impatience or lack of spontaneity can be a killer. Worst of all, though, is feeling that your lover is hiding something from you. Be up-front.

Taurus: Gentleness is the one essential for the Taurus lover. No rough edges, crude speech, tasteless appearance, or rough handling. Refinement rules your heart, and if a lover can’t be civilized, it’s impossible to overlook or forgive it.

Gemini: Communication is the main thing with the Gemini lover. You need to

Relationship Red Flags

Relationship Red Flags

If your love interest puts out these signals, you might be headed for trouble…

A good relationship is a precious and sometimes fragile thing. You and your partner share great intimacy and want to help, not hurt, one another. Right?

Some behaviors are automatic red flags for anybody anytime. Violent outbursts, drinking too much too often, drug use, sudden eating disorders… these are all automatic red flags a person needs to make some personal changes and better choices. In a relationship, though, you have the chance to notice more subtle signals that hint at the need for more help before the hurt comes. If your partner does something contrary to what you know is normal, don’t let it slide.

Here are some examples of relationship red flags. Catch these early and keep your relationship healthy, happy, and whole.

Aries: Active, gung-ho Aries is no couch potato, so if it’s hard to drag your Aries partner out of the house and away from the TV or computer, it’s a red flag.

Taurus: Taurus is naturally charming, fashionable, and maybe even glamorous. If your Taurus partner loses interest in his/her physical appearance and becomes sloppy, it’s red flag time.

Gemini: The last thing to

Find Love Now

Find Love Now

Use these secret tips for your sign to meet and keep someone special.

Looking for love is a tricky and sometimes tedious business – all those dates with all the wrong people and all that wasted time. It’s frustrating. Luckily you can use a few tricks of the planetary trade to speed up the process toward true love…

Aries: You always recognize potential lovers immediately, but you don’t always take action. No matter where you spot them, just charge right up and demand to know what time you should pick them up. You’ll drive and you’ll choose the restaurant. Any questions? You have the answers.

Taurus: That sensuality you ooze 24/7 isn’t always so obvious. The last relationship nearly did you in and you’re still recovering, and maybe hiding. Stop that. Get off the couch, wiggle into something that’s just so you, and get back in the game. Love is out there, and if anyone can attract it, it’s you. But you have to go out more.

Gemini: See that person in the corner over there? The one who’s tapping and fidgeting and obviously can’t wait to leave? They’ve got your name all over them. Sidle up just close enough

Renew Your Romance

Renew Your Romance

Let your Sun Sign guide you to a new lease on love…

Whether you’re happily coupled up or seeking your perfect match, love means being open to finding ways to enhance romance. Let your sign be your guide to making this your year of love.

FIRE SIGNS (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)
As a Fire Sign, you can light a fire under your romantic life by considering the other person’s interests.

If you’ve found your match: Do you have a true love who lives to jog, but you hate running? Suggest that you join a gym together or sign up for a class – or even just start taking walks or playing a sport. Play together and you’ll stay together. Show that you care about what your partner wants. You may have to leave your comfort zone, but the renewal of your love will be well worth the risk.

If you’re still looking: Do you have your eye on someone you’d like to know better? Ask about that special someone’s favorite activities and try them yourself. You just might discover a new passion – and a new love!

EARTH SIGNS (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn)
Your practical nature as an Earth Sign can